Sandhy Sondoro – New Wave Participants from Indonesia

Sandhy Sondoro is an architect. He was born in Jacarta. He likes cycling and playing music in his free time. He has participated in  many music contests. Sandhy is keen on football and he likes to play it. He enjoys spending his holidays on Bali island. If Ray Charles were alive, Sandhy would dream of singing with him.
The artist dreams of touring all over the world, “so that people could enjoy my music”. He likes honest and faithful people: “I use these criteria for choosing friends. I don’t like vulgar and deceitful people”. He takes delight in wearing hats. His favourite colours are blue and brown. He has been singing since he was three. Sandhy will never forget the presentation of his “Why don’t we” album – “when I was performing my first song, an eighty-year-old man began dancing. He got so carried away that I could not continue singing for the next fifteen minutes! The audience supported me and we all began cheering up that old man, laughing heartily!”
Drawing was Sandhy’s favourite school subject, but he could not stand Physics. The singer is good at cooking. He often treats his friends with delicious national dishes. He has taken to reading novels by the world famous writer P.Coelho recently. He says his symbol of luck in life and work is… his own heart. He enjoys listening to Bill Witlers, Led Zeppelin, Beatles and he likes soul music. His favourite composers are John Lennon and Paul MсСartney. He does not like holidays much, because he has to work when the others relax. Yet, he likes being on stage during New Year celebrations.
A recording studio would make an ideal present for Sandhy!.. He wishes his room faced the sea, but the reality is different. He often finds old films on the Internet and he adds them to his collection with great pleasure. The contestant’s motto is “Be yourself. Never give up.” He earned his first money delivering newspapers. If legendary S.Wonder happened to come to his place one day, Sandhy would be pleased to write a song with him!
The finalist of the “New Wave” contest would be a ropewalker if he had to perform in a circus. He is sure that patience and self-improvement are important prerequisites for success. Sandy always keeps… fruit candy in the fridge! He speaks Indonesian, English and German and knows three words in Russian. When Sandhy Sondorro learnt that he was listed as a finalist of the contest, he became less absent-minded “I had to do lots of things before the contest!” He dreams of setting up a school of music for poor children. If Sandy became president, he would sign into law the decree about free education for young people.
Sandhy can’t imagine his life without a guitar. Granada, Spain was the most unusual place the singer has visited so far. In his childhood, he dreamed of becoming a karateka like Bruce Lee. He’s afraid of sharks. He does not believe in signs. The artist from Indonesia likes living at the present time: “it’s interesting to live now, not in the past or in the future”, the singer says. His life gives him inspiration; the young man says he has experienced much. He needs as little as a couple of hours to have a rest. The singer considers it possible to become an actor in the future – “I could probably act in a comedy. This is my genre.”
“I’d like to share my songs with people, to show them what sort of music we have in my country. I’d love to win. But in any case, I will benefit from the atmosphere of the contest and the work with professional artists. Brandon Stone helped me to chose songs for the contest”, Sandhy Sondoro says. The contestant wishes inspiration to all the contestants! –

Suaranya keren, semoga gak ditarik perusahaan label musik luar negeri apalagi di akui sama negara tetangga. Di Indonesia lagi sekarat penyanyi muda yang suaranya mantab kaya doi. Agh pokoknya ngedengerinnya gak bosen deh.


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